Wire to Release Another Archival CD/DVD Set


last year's Wire On The Box: 1979, the band's own label, Pinkflag, will soon release a second archival CD/DVD package from the other end of the band's career (i.e. this one). The Scottish Play: 2004 portrays two very recent performances filmed in contrasting styles, covering most of the band's Read & Burn/Send repertoire.

>> Triptych Festival (CD and DVD)
01 99.9
02 Germ Ship
03 Mr. Marx's Table
04 1st Fast
05 Read & Burn
06 The Agfers of Kodack
07 Comet
08 In the Art of Stopping
09 Spent
10 I Don't Understand
11 Strange
12 106 Beats That
13 Surgeon's Girl
14 Pink Flag

>> Flag:Burning (DVD only)
01 1st Fast
02 Comet
03 Spent
04 I Don't Understand