William Elliott Whitmore 、Darediablo 、Todd (Southern UK) 、Tight Phantomz 、Tornavalanche 辺りのニューリリースとか。

SOUTHERN RECORDSからのニューリリース予定です。

WILLIAM ELLIOTT WHITMORE:"Ashes To Dust" cd/lp releases February 21, 2005. 
DAREDIABLO: "Twenty Paces" cd releases March 21, 2005
TODD:Todd have committed their collective nightmare and joy to wax with their forthcoming debut album "Purity Pledge", which streets April 5th, here in the states←ATPに出たりしたみたいですけど。めんどいから深く読んでないごめん
TIGHT PHANTOMZ:full-length cd, "Crazy When Wet" will rock you silly May 16, 2005.