Thrill Jockey DVD out next week

あのスリルジョッキーから2/22に「Looking For A Thrill」というタイトルのDVDが出るそうです。オーナーのインタビューとかも入るらしい。あとビデオ。

The novelty of its design is apparent in the great outpouring of participation from artists who chose to contribute to the film. Such notables as Bjork, Mike Watt, Ian MacKaye (Fugazi), Jimmy Martin, Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth), Vic Chestnutt, Yo La Tengo, Tortoise, Steve Albini (Big Black), Mouse on Mars, Jon Spencer, Boredoms, the Sea and Cake, Slint, Mekons, and Calexico, and members of The Jesus Lizard offered to speak.