Blind Faith / Hyde Park 1969のDVD発売決定


Blind Faith's debut gig was in front of a cool 100,000 people on a warm day in Hyde Park. Since 7th June, 1969 when this concert took place, it has never been seen in its entirety. This is a unique opportunity to see the world's first Supergroup perform for the very first time. Sanctuary Visual Entertainment will release "Hyde park 1969" the DVD on 30th May 2005.

DVDでリージョンはフリー。58分で価格は£10.89 DP / £15.99 RRP。5月30日発売です。←クラプトンの誕生日らしい。

1969年、18歳のERIC CLAPTONがいたバンド。ジャケも有名ですね。
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